Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Model's don't just work it, they Own it!

Hello My PPF Lovlies,

I have some lovely Model's Own Nail Polish to show you today thanks to the amazing people at Littlewoods.

This amazing Coral colour is PERFECT to show off your tan, and in typical MO style applies like a dream and wears well. Aptly named Coral Reef, I think this would look perfect on tanned toes, as well as tanned hands, with some stunning Sandels and a Maxi Dress. Bliss.... I can feel the hot summer breeze already. 

The accent nail is a lovely Holographic Glitter called Juicy Jules, and adds a little bit of sparkly to this perfect Coral polish. 

Last but by no means least, my favourite (mainly because its purple!), Purple Poppy.... but with a twist :D 

Loooooook at how pretty this purple is. I have used a matte top coat, and added a feather as an accent nail.

I have used a matte top coat on top of this as well, but here you can see the detail on the feather :). Pretty accent nail for a pretty purple polish. 

Littlewoods obviously take nail care pretty seriously, which I praise them for, check out the nail care page here

Tutorial to follow in the next few posts, so stay tuned. 

Much love, 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Want of the week......

Not sure if you guys know, but I also am part of a blogging team for an AMAZING blog My girls in crime, the AMAZING Flic and Lauren, are fashion and beauty gurus and I am blessed to belong to the team.

They are very tolerant of me not posting all the time, as they know I have my hands full.... with this little fella.... 

Ewan is my son, my world, my light, my everything. I am a single mummy to him so needless to say my time is not my own. The girls are the best, honestly they are, they understand that I don't always get a free moment to put together a blog post, and for this I LOVE them. 

Ewan was diagnosed three months ago with Social Communication Disorder and Language Disorder. Very simply put, he has issues with his speech and understanding of language. These issues go hand in hand with Autism, and although he has not yet been diagnosed with this it is a very real possibility. 

April is Autism Awareness month, and the 2nd April was 'Light it Up Blue' Day, a specific day which celebrates Autistic people and aims to bring awareness of the condition to the forefront. So many companies have been joining in force to generate awareness and raise money for the cause, I in fact have 2 lovely polish on the way which I brought :D surprise surprise!!! I also brought this bear from the Build - A  - Bear workshop. 

Anywho, time for me to get to the point and stop waffling. Flic and Lauren have want lists as LONG as their very slender arms, so I thought I would try and join the band wagon and start my own. 
This stunning bracelet is made my Stella and Dot, and they have created this Spirit Bracelet to raise money for The National Autistic Society.  A cool £25 will let you purchase this baby and help towards a very deserving charity. I BADLY want this bracelet so much, not only for what it symbolises but loooooook how pretty it is.

I also did some nail art for the occasion as well :D

The Blue represents Ewan and the Autism, and the purple represents me. The middle nail is a swirl to represent that we are as one. Nothing will beat us!

And this one is just pretty :D 

Thanks for taking the time to read guys. 

Much love


NEON! You have to love Neon. It can't fail to make you smile. Model's Own the AMAZING people have brought out a line of Neon polish. I managed to snag the Pink, aptly called Bubblegum, and the Purple, Pukka Purple. 

They say that you should keep them in the fridge to help them keep the colour, but I don't find that there is any difference at all by doing that. I also wouldn't say that the purple is a Neon, but oh my it is a stunning purple.

Hoping to snag the rest in the collection and sooooooon! These babies need to be worn :D


Summer is on its way..... are you ready for the beautiful sunsets?

Summer....... The time of year when that funny yellow ball is high in the sky and we can ditch our winter clothes. I know its not something were used to in the UK, but you can dream right. 

I LOVE summer. Pimms, shorts and flip flops, the longer days, BBQ's, and the sunsets. Something about the sun setting over a pretty cloudless sky, turning orange and red and purple, and a Summer Fruits Cider in hand.... mmmm nothing like it. 

This little bottle is called 'Sunset Glow' and its from Wingdust. It may look like nothing in the bottle, but oh my do not be deceived. 

Pop this beauty over a dark polish ( I have used OPI 'Lincoln Park after Dark, a beauty of a cherry black colour) and you see how it changes.

Just like a summer sunset :D So Yah - Boo - Sucks UK weather and mother nature, even if you give us nothing that resembles a summer I will still bea able to look at this beauty and be happy.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring has sprung!

Spring..... I love it. Start of the nicer weather (ignore the rain), new life all around. Its also the time for the darker colours to take a back seat for a while and allow the fresher colours to make an appearance :D 

I snagged this little beauty from She has LOADS of bargins which are begging to be purchased. At the moment her website is down, but pop on over to her Facebook page where you can still grab a bargin or two.

 Barielle is a new provider to me but this polish applied like the best of them and wore very very well indeed. 

This blue baby is Swizzle Stick, which I love. Its a perfect colour for the spring/summer season :D

I shall hopefully be adding some more of these to my collection as I was that impressed. I would advise you to go and see what you can snag and jazz up your collection for the up and coming sunshine :D


Thursday, 7 March 2013

It's Couture Dhaaarling!

Don't we all wish we could say we have a Couture Dress in our wardrobe, and have the occasions to wear it as well. Alas this isn't reality for most of us, but what if you COULD own something Couture???

The clever brains at Nails Inc have given us that chance with their Couture polish, which you can create, dress up and name, all for only £20.

I am lucky enough to have some pretty fab friends, and it was one particular fabby friend Sue who brought me my first Couture Polish. She named it Yummy Mummy which is pretty lovely :D

The packaging is lovely, making this a super gift to give to even the hardest person to buy a gift for. Doesn't it just look super?

You have 2 lines of 12 characters each to be able to name your polish or put a message :D 

 Your also able to choose your colour and what cap you want, so you can colour co-ordinate or clash with your polish.

And here is the beauty on, with Barry M's Bright Purple. Like any Nails Inc it applied like a dream and wore just as well.

This is an AMAZING gift for anyone (or yourself). Such a personalised precious gift that your bound to get brownie points. For £20 I think that this is a steal as well, whist I wouldn't pay this for a polish normally, as a personalised item I think this is about as fabby as it gets. 

You can check them out here, and if your a new customer you will get sent a 20%off voucher by email. Alas you wont be able to use it on the Couture item, but its a perfect opportunity to juice up your own collection :D 

Until next time my dears. 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Gloss and Sparkle :)

Ladies, I have for your viewing pleasure Gloss and Sparkle Pyjamarama. I snagged this on a blog sale as its not available in the UK. Omg. I love it :)

Amy xxx